Empower Fitness Weight Loss Programmes

Empower Fitness Weight Loss Programmes

The fad diets that never seem to work, the fluctuating weight. We’ve all been there. If trying to lose weight on your own hasn’t been working well for you, it’s time you let the professionals guide you.


As experts in the weight loss field, Empower FItness can help you lose the weight you need with our selection of weight loss programmes to suit your time and budget. Whether it is a short or long term weight loss goal, we are dedicated to help you lose the weight you want.

Our weight loss programmes are open to both members and non members of Empower Fitness. Please ask our staff for more information about signing up and getting started on your weight loss journey today.

Empower Fitness 10 Week Shredder Weight Loss Programme
10 Week Shredder
Empower Fitness Taupo

Expect to lose between 2-5kg in the first 2 weeks if you stick closely to the recommended diet and exercise regimes. 8-10kg weight loss is usual and 20kg was the most weight lost on this 10 Week Shredder weight loss programme.  

90 Day Challenge
Empower Fitness Taupo

Step out of your comfort zone and sign up to this 90 Day Challenge – a weight loss programme that combines exercise, nutrition, personal training and weekly weigh ins to help you reach your weight goals, making you feel stronger, fitter, healthier and happier.

Empower Fitness 8 Week Rapid Fat Loss Weight Loss Programme
Empower Fitness Taupo

Lose weight quick with the 8 Week Rapid Fat Loss programme where you will follow a strict diet, nutrition and exercise plan to lose those extra pounds. Our personal trainers will ensure you stay on track with your individual plan. 

Empower Fitness 6kg in 6 weeks Weight Loss Programme
Empower Fitness Taupo

Lose weight and get toned and fit gradually in this 6kg in 6 weeks weight loss programme. We encourage a mix of weight training and cardio exercises for best results. The first 2 weeks are the hardest but it will be worth it!