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Empower Fitness cares about its members and that is why we have provided a range of facilities at our gym so that members feel positive, motivated and in the perfect mood for a workout.


Our gym is bright, spacious and clean, with plenty of facilities to help you along. For the gym bunnies, we have the latest gym equipment, an RPM studio, a group fitness room, a ladies-only area, 24-hour gym access, protein shakes and showers.


Trouble with finding babysitters? Kids can enjoy themselves in our crèche as mummy and daddy work out. We also work closely with local businesses to provide physiotherapy for our members. 

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You know you need to exercise to become fitter or to lose weight but how do you get the results you desire? This is where a personal trainer comes in as they can define the exercises, programmes and services best for you.

Ladies Only Gym

Our ladies-only gym area allows our female members to exercise in an environment where they can feel comfortable. It’s even prettily painted in pink!

Nursery Play

Looking for babysitters can be hard so why not bring your kids to the gym? Empower Fitness has a childcare facility on site so bubba can be entertained while mummy and daddy do their thing on the gym floor.

24 Hour Gym Access

Empower Fitness understands that not everyone has the luxury to exercise during working hours. That is why we launched our 24 hour gym access a few years ago so that you can workout whenever you like, night or day.

Fully Equipped Gym

Empower Fitness is fully equipped with the latest fitness equipment and free weights. From treadmills, cross trainers to dumbbells and Swiss balls – feel free to ask our friendly staff if you are unsure of how to use any machine.


Group fitness classes are one of the most popular programmes at Empower Fitness so that’s why we have an awesome group fitness room where you can spaciously groove your way to fitness. 

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Members love our RPM® or indoor cycling classes where you hop on a stationary bike and pedal your way to fitness. Our RPM® studio is purpose-built to provide you with motivating acoustics and lighting for an awesome experience.  


Have an appointment after your class? You don’t have to leave the gym all stinky and sweaty as we have shower facilities so that you can go to your next place feeling squeaky clean. 


Come see our team for all your supplement needs pre and post workout. We will be sure to advice you on what best works for your fitness goals. 

Protein Shakes

Protein is used for the production of muscles and the best time to get protein into the body is after your workout. Ask our team about our delicious protein shakes so you can start healing those micro muscles tears immediately. 

All new Empower Fitness members are entitled to an hour of free gym orientation where we will teach you the basic principals and benefits of weight training, show you how to use the cardio machines, give you tips to increase core strength and function and learn why and how to stretch correctly with swiss ball exercises and stretching techniques.

Empower Fitness Free Gym Orientation
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Studio For Hire

Have you ever considered holding your corporate team building exercises in a gym? Our Group Fitness room is perfect for conducting all sorts of team building exercises such as physical challenges, games / puzzle solving and presentations. Great for school groups too. Our fitness equipment is available for you to use as well.   

Empower Fitness Free Gym Orientation
Training for Sports Teams

Due to our fully equipped gym and top-notch facilities, Empower Fitness has become the training ground for many visiting international sports teams such as the Cronulla Sharks, Springboks, Welsh rugby team, Hawkes Bay rugby team, Dutch rowing team and many more. We welcome all sports teams (schools, clubs, juniors, semi-pros, pros) who require training facilities before their matches. 


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