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We feel blessed that our members recognise and appreciate the passion and dedication we put into each and every person in our gym. It is not easy being awesome but we are extremely proud that most of our members think that we deliver on what we promise most of the time.


If you think that we could improve in certain areas, please let us know as well so that we can provide the best possible health and fitness experience for you.


Below are what some of our lovely members say of us.


Better yet, join us and experience Empower Fitness for yourself!

Warwick Hall


I have been a member of Empower Fitness now for about four years and quite simply I love the place. From the moment you walk in the staff are warm, friendly and welcoming.


The other members, no matter what their goal or reason for being there, are happy to share knowledge. It is an environment that caters for everyone no matter your age, shape motivation or experience - everybody fits in and gets on with achieving their goals without pretense. 


I do weights to keep in shape and RPM classes over winter to keep bike fitness for triathlons and with 24-hour access, there is no excuse to miss a workout. 

Kelly Gregory


Wow! What an experience the last 90 days has been; both physically, mentally and everything in between! I gave this 90 day Challenge EVERYTHING I had to give and more, I am now feeling healthier and happier about myself for it, I am a changed person for the better.

It has been an amazing journey. My PT sessions were very instrumental during the challenge, pushing me a little bit more each week and being held accountable. My PT was tough (but I like a challenge), with a gentle side who worked with the whole person.


The encouragement and support I have received from Empower Fitness has been unreal. I could not have done it without you all!


I have loved every minute, even in the midst of those horrible bear crawls. You guys have become like family to me. Not only have I lost weight, but I have found my self-esteem and self-worth again.


I would highly recommend this challenge to anyone who is willing to step out of their comfort zone and try. You won't regret it!! 



I was recently in Taupo as support crew for my husband who was crazy enough to do the Ironman and I came to Empower Fitness do a few casual group fitness classes. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the classes, the instructors were great and everyone was super friendly and helpful. Thank you so much and I will be sure to recommend you to anyone visiting Taupo from over here in Australia.

Fiona Topless


Hariata has been my personal trainer for the past two and half years. She is truly an exceptional trainer, a perfect combination of tough and kind. I chose to work with Hariata not only for her honest and caring attitude but because she goes out of her way to know me as a person. By understanding me, Hariata knows when, and how far, to push me. She knows when she can squeeze an extra rep out of me or increase the weight one more notch. 


Hariata also understands the limits of my body, what it can and cannot do. She tailors exercises specifically for me. Hariata still surprises me each week with new exercises she pulls out of her magic training bag. Hariata has helped me set, strive for and achieve my goals these past 2 ½ years. If you want a Personal Trainer who will support you physically, mentally and emotionally in getting the best possible health and fitness results for you, Hariata is the one!

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