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Rejuvenate Me

Create healthy habits, give back to your body and Rejuvenate yourself with our 10 Week Rejuvenate Me Program designed specifically to create balance around our busy lives. Rejuvenate Me is a holistic approach which brings your focus and awareness to your health and well being.

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Includes full gym access and unlimited Yoga, Pilates, Les Mills BODYBALANCE, Core and Butt Express. Each of these classes embody all the elements that will align and center you.

The Beauty Food Book

Create quick, healthy, nutritious meals using your very own copy of 'The Beauty Food' book with 85 recipes for Health and Beauty from within by Maria Ahlgren.

Nourish your body with food that supports your health by eliminating processed foods, sugars and alcohol.

Healthy Lunch
Therapy Session

Personal Coach

Recieve a weekly 30 minute session with your very own Personal Coach to guide, monitor and motivate you to keep moving. Includes a before and after Body Analysis - Weigh and Measure and Personal Program. 

Mindfulness Seminar: Sunday 3rd Oct 4pm

Includes a 1 hour Mindfulness Seminar where we break down all the components of our Rejuvenate Me program, talk about the importance of sleep, restorative breathing techniques and massage.

Guest speakers:

Fiona Mannington - Brain mechanics and the importance of sleep.

Jodye Tomalin - Batchelor of Leisure Studies. Diploma in Clinical Massage.

Matt Mortimer - His journey from 117kgs to 77kgs.

Networking Event
Rock Balancing


Members:         $39.00 Registration 

                          $39.00 p/wk for 10 weeks

Non Members: $39.00 Registration 

                          $59.00 p/wk for 10 weeks

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