Joleen Lunjew

Empower Fitness Taupo

Group Fitness Instructor BODYBALANCE™

Joleen is a certified Les Mills BODYBALANCE™ instructor, a group fitness programme that combines Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates.


Joleen’s BODYBALANCE™ classes begin with easy, flowing Tai Chi moves, followed by various Yoga and Pilates sequences to balance, strengthen and tone key muscle groups. The class winds down with stretches to encourage suppleness and flexibility and a lovely 10 minutes meditation that leaves participants calm and centered.


Joleen is also a dedicated yoga teacher and practitioner passionate about encouraging and inspiring people to be the best they can be through movement, breath, wellness, diet and a holistic approach to life. She enjoys seeing her students progress physically, mentally and emotionally as they journey with her.


She has been practicing yoga for around 7 years and currently has a very strong daily Ashtanga practice.  


Joleen’s strength would be the calmness and grace and that she brings to her classes. Many of her students have said that her meditation sessions at the end are one of the best they’ve experience. Come and try her BODYBALANCE™ class yourself to find out!