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Personal Trainer

Hariata has gained her Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer Certificates through the Australian Institute of Fitness. Born and bred here in Taupo, she has participated in and coached all kinds of sports ranging from hoe waka, squash, touch and netball.


She has a real passion for health and fitness and knows how determined you need to be to change your body shape and do well in any given sport. Hariata is keen to inspire and encourage others to feel and look better by coaching better eating habits and urging people to become more active.

Hariata is RESULTS Driven:









So if you want RESULTS, call Hariata today.

"Your exercise doesn’t have to be hard but it does have to be REGULAR and CONSISTENT and you do need to ENJOY it and therefore make it part of your LIFESTYLE"


By Fiona Topless, Taupo :

"Hariata has been my personal trainer for the past two and half years. She is truly an exceptional trainer, a perfect combination of tough and kind. I chose to work with Hariata not only for her honest and caring attitude but because she goes out of her way to know me as a person. By understanding me, Hariata knows when, and how far, to push me. She knows when she can squeeze an extra rep out of me or increase the weight one more notch.


Hariata also understands the limits of my body, what it can and cannot do. She tailors exercises specifically for me. Hariata still surprises me each week with new exercises she pulls out of her magic training bag. Hariata has helped me set, strive for and achieve my goals these past 2 ½ years. If you want a Personal Trainer who will support you physically, mentally and emotionally in getting the best possible health and fitness results for you, Hariata is the one!"

By Donna Karaitiana, Waitahanui, Taupo


My whole life style changed from the day I decided to train with Hariata. With her skills and expertise, she got me on a healthy eating daily plan and various exercises that changed weekly .I was way out of my comfort zone but with her support and encouragement, I successfully got rid of my spare tyres, looked good and felt so much more energetic, I didnt want to stop there. 


Hariata's method of training, listening, understanding and her motivation is right up there and I can't express enough thanks for the results she has helped me achieve over the years, working on my weight, building strength, muscle growth and learning the correct techniques with various exercises including lifting and pressing weights. I am amazed at what I can lift, push and press now. 


4 years later I am still training with Hariata! My weekly PT sessions have become part of my new life. I no longer smoke after 30 years of it and my alcohol consumption is minimal. I now encourage my friends and family to exercise more, eat healthier and to get involved with different events. 


Hariata is very committed, dedicated and an inspiration. I would highly recommend Hariata to anyone at whatever level of fitness seeking a healthier and fitter lifestyle. I assure you, you will not regret it. Hariata is the BEST!


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+64 7 376 9557

26, Totara Street Shopping Centre

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