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Our Very Own Group Exercise Classes

Exercising in a group is sociable, fun and one of the most effective ways to get in shape and lead a sustainable healthy lifestyle. You are more likely to work out harder than you would on your own as everyone is exercising towards the same goal.

We have designed some amazing Empower Fitness programmes which caters to our members’ varying fitness needs. Our group fitness classes incorporate strength, cardio, endurance, toning, agility, martial arts, mind-body, flexibility, cycling, speed, fat loss and co-ordination.

There will be great music, supportive fitness instructors and did we mention fun, fun, fun? Join us and enjoy the energy and buzz of like-minded people that only a group fitness class can provide. 

Empower Fitness Circuit

Circuit is a 45 minute mix of strength and cardio exercises repeated two or three times with little or no rest between sets to increase fitness and strength. Sculpt every muscle and blast fat with this intense work out. 

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Yoga is a mind and body practice combining physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation or relaxation. We have 3 completely different Yoga sessions to balance, stretch and strengthen. 


Vita-Fit is a class that consists of 4 Step routines, 4 Pump routines and 4 Balance routines. This class is a perfect blend of cardio, weights, core exercises and stretches, delivering a total body workout. 


CBX stands for Core and Butt eXtreme – a 30 or 60 minute class using squats, planks, lunges and core work to tighten the core and strengthen and sculpt your butt and thighs. 

Big T Shirt is perfect for those starting out in their fitness journey. It comprises of 15 mins of aerobics, 15 mins of step, 15 mins of pump and 15 mins of core work with a cool down stretch at the end. 

CT 30 (Cross Training Circuit) is 30 mins of high intensity cross training circuit to deliver a total body workout. CT30 is similar to Empower Fitness Circuit which is a 45 mins class. Great for those short on time who are wanting an intense workout. 


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